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Records: 401 to 450 of 7051
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  CEM-REF-CL-152.4-H8 Athelstan Cemetery behind Munro Hall, Huntingdon Co., Quebec Rogers, Gerry
View Record  CEM-REF-CL-152.4-H8 Athelstan Presbyterian Church and Cemetery - 1877
View Record  CIR- HG- 109.1- B6- 1984 Atlantic Canada Brookes, Anne
View Record  CIR-HG-109.1-B3-1990 Atlantic Canada at the Dawn of a New Nation. Boyde, Beck E, Greg Marque.
View Record  CIR-HG-109.1-B6-1984 Atlantic Canada. Brook, Anne.
View Record  CIR-AD-130.5-J66-1939 Atlantic gazetteer and industrial directory of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, 1939 Jones, Leonard C.
View Record  CIR- HG- 109.1- S3- 1972 Atlantic Harbors Sherwood, H. Roland
View Record  REF-GS-100.01-A84 Atlantic Provinces - Research and resources
View Record  CIR-HG-100.99-M3-1965 Atlantic Provinces, The - The Emergence of Colonial Society - 1712-1857 MacNutt, W.S
View Record  CIR-HG-130.01-P84-1967 Atlantic Schooners Pullen, H.F.
View Record  CIR-HG- 109.14- C7- 1985 Atlantic Treasure Troves Crowell, Bill
View Record  CIR-AD-150.48-L4-1971 Atlas d'histoire economique et sociale du Quebec 1851-1901 Latarte, Jacques
View Record  CIR-HG-300.48-P4-2013 Atlas genealogique de France ancestrale: pays des migrants vers la Novelle-France Perreault, Michiline
View Record  REF-HG-300.8-B6-1957 Atlas General Bordas Bordas, Henri
View Record  REF-HG-151.48-R6-1993 Atlas historique de Montreal Robert, Jean-Claude
View Record  REF-HG-100.48-K4-1966 Atlas historique du Canada Kerr, D.G.G.
View Record  CIR-HG-430.48-L3-1990 Atlas of British Surnames Lasker, Gabriel Ward
View Record  REF-HG-100.8-C3-1958 Atlas of Canada Department of Mines and Technical Surveys,Geographical Branch
View Record  REF-HG-100.48-W5-1906 Atlas of Canada - Department of the Interior, Canada, 1906 White, James
View Record  REF-GS-460.48-D8-1997 Atlas of Irish History Duffy, Sean
View Record  CIR-AD-100.8-T7-1968 Atlas of New France - Atlas de la Nouvelle France Trudel, Marcel
View Record  Microform-Microfilm-Film 45-46-ATL 1890- Atlas of the City of Montreal - 1890 - From special survey and official plans, showing all buildings and names of owners Goad, Charles E.
View Record  Microform-Microfilm-45-ATL 1912-14 Atlas of the City of Montreal and Vicinity in Four Volumes - 1912-1914 - From official plans, special surveys Goad, Charles E.
View Record  REF-HG-460.48-C76-2012 Atlas of the Great Irish Famine Crowley, John, William Smyth and Mike Murphy
View Record  CIR-HG-460.88-A24-1997 Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape Aalen, F.H.A; Whelan, Kevin; Stout, Matthew
View Record  REF-HG-130.8-H34-1878 Atlas of York County, New Brunswick, 1878
View Record  CIR-CL-167.4-A5-1980 Auld Kirk Cemetery, Ramsey Township, Lanark Co., Ontario
View Record  CIR-BG-200.99-S8-1969 Austin Steward: Twenty-Two Years a Slave and Forty Years a Freeman
View Record  CEM-REF-CL-158.4-P6 Austin United Church Cemetery, Clarendon Township, Quebec Gorr, Robie
View Record  CIR-MH-810.33-M5 Australian Hospital Ship, Centaur Milligan, Christopher S.
View Record  CIR-HG-160.9-R3-1953 Authentic Letters from Upper Canada Radcliff, Thomas
View Record  CIR-AD-010.1-A8-1929 Automobile Green Book: The All-in-One Guide
View Record  REF-GS-157.3-L3-1993 Autre eglises ou denominations religieuses, mariages, 1900-1992 - Palais de Justice de St. Jerome LaLiberte, Serge
View Record  CIR-GS-157.3-L3-1993 Autre eglises ou denominations religieuses, mariages, 1900-1992 - Palais de Justice de St. Jerome LaLiberte, Serge
View Record  CIR-HG-151.99-B4-2008 Aux Confins de Montreal L'Ile Bizard: des origins a nos jours Societe patrimoine et histoire de L'Ile Bizard et Sainte Genevieve
View Record  CEM-REF-CL-157.4-&-1988 Avoca (McNeill) Cemetery Argenteuil County
View Record  CIR-CD-Aylesbury-Busks Aylesbury Vale: Past, Present, Future
View Record  CIR-HG-158.01-A94-1989 Aylmer, Quebec: Its Heritage - Son patrimoine Aldred, Diane
View Record  CIR-HG-452.99-C35-2003 Ayrshire: A Historical Guide Campbell, Thorbjorn
View Record  Microform-Microfiche B.C. Death Index 1872-1976 British Columbia
View Record  Microform-Microfiche-CIHM-17388 B.C. Gazetteer and Directory 1899 Henderson's Directory
View Record  Microform-Microfiche B.C. Marriage Index 1872-1921 (brides) British Columbia
View Record  Microform-Microfiche B.C. Marriage Index 1872-1921 (grooms) British Columbia
View Record  CIR-AD-151.3-B3-1993 Baie d'Urfe Annuaire - Directory
View Record  CIR-HG-434.88-M8-1986 Baking and Bakeries Muller, H.G.
View Record  REF-FH-0.01-B3 Ball Family History: Mimi Hayward's Research Hayward, Mimi
View Record  REF-HG-150.33-R8-1985 Banking en Francais - The French Banks of Quebec - 1835-1925 Rudin, Ronald
View Record  CIR-FH-432.01-B36-1983 Banning Family and the Isle of Wight Ancestors - 1640-1983 Garrity, Richard Charles Banning
View Record  REF-GS-157.4-B36-1979 Bapteme - Eglise protestante de Trois Rivieres - 1767-1875 Beauvillier, Lucie, and Carmen Grondin
View Record  CIR-GS-158.4-P3-1985 Baptemes, mariages et sepultures -1859-99 - Mission Anglicane de Papineauville et Montebello Delisle, Marthe
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Records: 401 to 450 of 7051