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Records: 351 to 400 of 7051
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  CIR-GS-163.99-P8-1950 Annals of Puslinch 1850-1950
View Record  CIR-GS-400.48-M4-1986 Annals of the Poor McLaughlin, Eve
View Record  REF-GS-100.2-M46-1986 Annotated bibliography of genealogical works in Canada - Bibliographie annotee d'ouvrages genealogiques au Canada Mennie-de-Varennes, Kathleen
View Record  CIR-GS-100.2-M46-1986-Vol 1 Annotated Bibliography of Genealogical Works in Canada - Vol 1 - Bibliographic annotee d'ouvrages genealogiques au Canada - Volume 1 Mennie-Varennes, Kathleen
View Record  CIR-AD-100.8-C3-1985 Annuaire de l'Eglise Catholique au Canada 1985-1986 - Canadian Catholic Church Directory
View Record  CIR-AD-100.4-C3-1916 Annuaire du Canada 1915 Government of Canada
View Record  CIR-AD-100.4-C3-1919 Annuaire du Canada 1919 Government of Canada
View Record  CIR-AD-150.4-M4-1982 Annuaire medical 1981-82 Corporation professionnelle des medecins du Quebec
View Record  CIR-AD-450.3-C3-1904 Annual of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club for 1903-1904
View Record  CIR-AD-120.1-1991 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees for March 31, 1991 Public Archives of Nova Scotia
View Record  CIR-AD-100.5-W3-1989 Annual Report of the National Archives of Canada 1988-1989 Wallot, Jean-Pierre
View Record  CIR-AD-100.7-P82-1985 Annual Report, Public Archives Canada, 1984-1985 Weilbrenner, Bernard
View Record  CIR-HG-120.474-M3-1975 Antique Furniture by Nova Scotian Craftsmen MacLaren, George
View Record  CIR-FIC-150.9-L4-1996 Antoine - Coureur de bois Leduc, Adrienne
View Record  CIR-FH-010.33-C64-2013 Antoine et marie-Anne Pilon, ancestres des Pilon d'Amerique du Nord Collete, Anne
View Record  Microform-Microfiche Antrim (County) Griffith's Valuations Griffith's Valuations
View Record  CIR-HG-100.01-W5-1949 Apologies to the Iroquois Wilson, Edmund
View Record  CIR-GS-150-D76 Arbre Genealogique de Joseph Collette Drouin, Joseph, Avocat
View Record  REF-HG-439.99-N3-1911 Archaelogia Aeliana: or MiscellaneousTracts Relating to Antiquity Blair, R.
View Record  CIR-HG-100.01-T3-1987 Archival Sources For the Study of Canadian Jewry Tapper, Lawrence F.
View Record  CIR-GN-100.01-L3-1989 Archival Sources for the Study of Finnish Canadians Laine, Edward W.
View Record  CIR-GN-100.01-G7-1989 Archival Sources for the Study of German Language Groups in Canada Grenke, Arthur
View Record  CIR-AD-150.99-N4-1991 Archival Standards and Procedures of the Archives nationales du Quebec Garon, Louis, James Lambert, and Joy McDonnell
View Record  CIR-GN-340.99-V5-1989 Archives Bibliotecas Ecclesiasticos de Castilla y Leon Vicario, Matias
View Record  REF-GN-150.2-v' Archives nationales du Quebec
View Record  REF-GS-300.3-G3-2008 Archives of France on Gagne, Jacques
View Record  CIR-HG-100.01-C3-1972 Archives: Mirror of Canada Past. Archives: Miroir du passe du Canada
View Record  CIR-FH-157.9-S7-1998 Argenteuil Settlers: McGibbons, Browns and Gervans, 1590-1930 Shearman, Helen Lamb
View Record  CIR-GN-Vertical Argenteuil: 2nd York Battalion Lepine, Luc
View Record  CIR-HG-164.88-M37-1980 Aristocratic Toronto: 19th Century Grandeur Martyn, Lucy Booth
View Record  Microform-Microfiche Armagh (County) Griffith's Valuations Griffith's Valuations
View Record  CIR-FH-0.9-A7-1976 Armitage: A Family History Armitage, G. C., and K.J. Armitage
View Record  CIR-FH-10.3-B6-1989 Armoires de la Famille Bourg Bourque-Matteau, Rita
View Record  UEL-CIR-HD-100.1-C6-1989 Armorial Seals from the Maritimes Cogne, Daniel
View Record  UEL-CIR-HG-150.99-C6-1901 Arnold's Expedition to Quebec Codman, John
View Record  CIR-CL-166.4-O3-1978 Arnprior Albert Street Cemetery, Renfrew County, McNab Township Oakley, Robin
View Record  CIR-HG-152.01-M32-1975 Around and about Leslie Rennie's place McCrimmon, Don
View Record  UEL-CIR-HG-160 Articles from Ontario Historical Society
View Record  REF-HG-156.9-D3-1974 Artillery Park, Quebec: Maison de Jacques Deguise dit Flamand
View Record  UEL-CIR-HG-170.9 Arts and Special Collections Division, Massey Library, User's Guide Royal Military College of Canada
View Record  CIR-HG-210.99-R6-1956 Arundel Roberts, Kenneth
View Record  REF-CL-157.4-&-2010 Arundel Cemetery: Memorial Stone Inscriptions Morrison, Glenda
View Record  CIR-HG-151.44-1982 As It Happened: A History of the Parish of St Columba, Montreal, 1907-1982 History Committee, Parish of St Columba
View Record  CIR-HG-160.99-W5-1981 As She Began: An Illustrated Introduction to Loyalist Ontario Wilson, Bruce
View Record  CIR-HG-167.9-A8-1968 As The Pages Turn... Chant, Edna B.
View Record  CEM-REF-CL-153.4-S5 Ascot Corner Cemetery, Sherbrooke County, Ascot Township, Quebec, Association des cimetieres et eglises de Megantic-Compton Megantic-Compton Cemetery and Church Association
View Record  REF-Cl-153.4-S5 Ascot Corner Cemetery, Sherbrooke County, Quebec Laberee, Wayne S.
View Record  REF-GS-153.4-H6-1976 Ascot, Quebec, Canada - 1825 Census Holbrook, Jay Mack
View Record  CIR-HG-151.01-C35-2006 At The End of the Final Line: A brief History of Aircraft Manufacturing at Canadian Vickers and Canadair 1923-1984 Campbell, Patrick J.
View Record  CIR-FH-170.9-R4-2003 Athabasca Seasons: A Memoire (Alberta) Reid, Audrey Weldon
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Records: 351 to 400 of 7051