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Records: 151 to 200 of 6477
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  UEL -CIR-HG-200.01-S79-1991 A Short History of the American Revolution Stokesbury, James L.
View Record  CIR-HG-458.1-M3 A Short History of Times in Plockton (Ross & Cromarty Co) Matheson, Iain
View Record  CIR-HG-151.01-E44-1989 A Short History of Verdun High School - 1912-1984 Elliott, C.E.
View Record  CIR-FH-100.33-R6-2004 A Son of Quebec Roy, Andrew
View Record  CIR-BG-156.9-R6-2004 A Son of Quebec Roy, Andrew
View Record  CIR-HG-151.99 -M67-1981 A Sporting Evolution: The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association 1881-1961 Morrow, Donald
View Record  CIR-FH-121.99-1987 A Sweet Family History Jowsey, Joan (Curtis)
View Record  UEL-CIR-HG-200.99-S1-1977 A Synopsis of American History: Through Reconstruction - Volume 1 Sellars, Charles, et al
View Record  CIR-CD-East Kent A Tour Through the Isle of Thanet and Some Other Parts of East Kent.
View Record  CIR-HG-140.9-C3-2001 A Very Fine Class of Immigrants: Prince Edward Island's Scottish Pioneers 1770-1850 Campey, Lucille H.
View Record  CIR-HG-153.9-C6-1984 A Village in Transition: Compton, Quebec 1880-1920 Bellavance, Marcel
View Record  CIR-HG-280.9-W3-1989 A Wild Coast and Lonely: Big Sur Pioneers Wall, Rosalind Sharpe
View Record  CEM-REF-CL-152.4-H8 A Wilson Family Record
View Record  CIR-BG-151.44-2012 A Worthy Daughter of the O'Neils: Sister Mary Fraaancis of Assissium
View Record  CIR-FH-150.99-D6-1938 Aaron Hart - Recit historique Douville, Raymond
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-F5-1916 Abbotsford, Quebec, Canada Fisk, J.M.
View Record  CIR-GS-455.3-C6-2002 Abbotshall Kirk Session Minutes 1793-1812 and Kirkcaldy Old Church Burials 1855 to 1972 Farrell, Stuart
View Record  CEM-REF-CL-152.4-B5-2001 Abbott's Corner Cemetery #2, Frelighsburg, Quebec Birch, Brenda
View Record  CEM-REF-CL-152.4-B5-2001 Abbott's Corner Cemetery, Frelighsburgh Quebec Birch, Brenda
View Record  CIR-HG-150.99-M3-1932 Abenaki Indian Legends, Grammar and Place Names Masta, Henry Lorne
View Record  CIR-HG-150.33-W2-1992 Abenaki Indians of Odanak St Francois-du-Lac, Quebec Wawanolet, Esther
View Record  REF-GS-150.1-G3-2004 Aboriginal Peoples in Quebec Gagné, Jacques
View Record  CIR-GS-0.1-M4-1997 About Genealogical Standards of Evidence: A Guide for Genealogists Merriman, Brenda Dougall
View Record  CIR-FH-150.9-B6-2002 Abraham Hyatt: Our Loyalist Ancestor Boyd, Anne W., Sylvia Green-Guenette, and Elizabeth Larrabee
View Record  UEL-CIR-FH-150.9-B6-2002 Abraham Hyatt: Our Loyalist Ancestor Boyd, Anne W., Sylvia Green-Guenette, and Elizabeth Larrabee
View Record  REF-AD-151.4-Q8-1997 Abstracts and Index to "Connections" - Vol 1 through Vol 17 McKay, Margaret, and Douglas Cooke
View Record  CIR-GS-166.3-W3-1982 Abstracts of Surrogate Court Wills, Kingston and Vicinity, 1790-1858 Wanamaker, Loral, and Mildred Wanamaker
View Record  CIR-HG-260,99-B7-1992 Acadian to Cajun: Transformation of a People 1803-1877 Brasseaux, Carl A.
View Record  CIR-HG-150.9-P3-1946 Across the Years: A Century of Education in the Province of Quebec Percival, Walter P.
View Record  GN 151.8 .F 2017 Actes du Xe colloque de l'Academie international de genealogie Durand, Gilles; Fournier, Marcel
View Record  UEL-CIR-GN-100.4-L6 Additional Loyalist Claims, Montreal, Quebec, Kingston etc, 1778-1778
View Record  CIR-GS-433.3-R3-2002 Administrative Records for Surrey and Sussex Genealogists: Government, Ecclesiastical, Estate Raymond, Stuart A.
View Record  CIR-GN-438.5-R3-2000 Administrative Records for Yorkshire Genealogists Raymond, Stuart A.
View Record  CIR-FH-150.9-L3 Adrien Legris dit Lepine Lepine, Luc
View Record  CIR-GN-810.1-F3-2015 Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies Wayne, Debbie Parker (Editor)
View Record  CIR-HG-120.99-C3-2007 After The Hector: The Scottish Pioneers of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton 1773-1852 Campey, Lucille H.
View Record  CIR-HG-464.99-O6-2000 Aftermath Post-Rebellion Insurgency in Wicklow 1799-1803 O'Donnell, Ruan
View Record  CIR-HG-450.48-C6-1976 Agricultural Atlas of Scotland Coppock, J.T.
View Record  CIR-HG-150.01-B7-1974 Akwesasne Notes: Calendar with historical notes Bradway, D.C.
View Record  REF-Cl-153.4-S5 Albert Mines Cemetery, Ascot Township, Quebec
View Record  CIR-AD-180.4-A5-1999 Alberta Sources: Cemeteries and Other Surname Sources
View Record  REF-GS-190.4-A5-2001 Alberta: Index to Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1870 to 1905, Volume 1 Edmonton Branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society
View Record  CIR-FH-157.01-G3-1990-Vol 2 Album de Rosario Gauthier - Volume 2 Gauthier, Rosario
View Record  CIR-HG-0010.88-F56-1972 Album du Protestantisme francais en Amerique du Nord Fines, Herve
View Record  CIR-GS-438.4-M6-1990 Aldbrough: Monumental Inscriptions Mount, David
View Record  UEL-CIR-GS-130.01-W74-1940 Alexander Clark: Loyalists' Contribution to the History of New Brunswick Wright, Esther Clark
View Record  CIR-FH-152.9-L3-1967 Alexander MacFarlane and Janet Gorrie Family History since 1855 Lang, James Davies
View Record  CIR-AD-167.5-McS8-1981 Alexandria High School 1894-1954: Reunion 1981
View Record  CIR-FH-810.99-M3-1987 All But One Went Home: The Marceau Story Marceau, Kevin C.
View Record  CIR-FH-123.33-McN4-1979 All Call Iona Home: 1800-1950 MacNeil, S.R.
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Records: 151 to 200 of 6477