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Records: 701 to 750 of 6477
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  Microform-Microfiche-PAC APC-FA 961-FC Canada: Guide to NAC Holdings, Ottawa - Ontario Cemetery Recordings Ontario Cemetery Recordings
View Record  Microform-Microfiche-PAC APC-FA 870-FC Canada: Guide to NAC Holdings, Ottawa - Petitions and Addresses to the Governors and E. CN's of Lower and Upper Canada Petitions and Addresses to Governors of Upper and Lower Canada
View Record  Microform-Microfiche-PAC APC-FA 962-FC Canada: Guide to NAC Holdings, Ottawa - Quebec Cemetery Recordings Quebec Cemetery Recordings
View Record  Microform-Microfiche-PAC APC-FA 312-FC Canada: Guide to NAC Holdings, Ottawa - Trois-Rivieres - L'Immaculee Conception (Paroisse catholique) Parish of L'Immaculee Conception, Roman Catholic, Trois-Rivieres
View Record  Microform-Microfiche-PAC APC-FA 307-FC Canada: Guide to NAC Holdings, Ottawa - US Department of State Consular Records USA - Department of State Consular Records
View Record  CIR-HG-160.01-S6-1973 Canada: Past, Present and Future - Volume 1 Smith, W.H.
View Record  CIR-HG-100.01-C36-1948 Canada: Post War Possibilities Boaas, William S.
View Record  CIR-HG-100.88-P5-1985 Canada: The Missing Years; The Lost Images of Our Heritage - 1895-1924 Price, Patricia
View Record  REF-AD-100.01-M3-2013 Canadian Almanac & Directory Mackenzie, Leslie - publisher
View Record  REF-MH-100.99-S7-1948 Canadian Army, 1939-1945: An Official Historical Summary Stacey, E.P. (Col.)
View Record  CIR-HG-100.88-C36-1940 Canadian Book of Printing: How printing came to Canada and the story of the graphic arts, told mainly in pictures 500th Anniversary Committee
View Record  CIR-GS-210.4-S5-1995 Canadian Death Notices found in Vermont, US, Newspapers Simmons, Marlene
View Record  CD - REF-GN-100 Canadian Genealogical Index - 1600s-1900s Family Tree Maker
View Record  REF-HG-100.7-R3-1967 Canadian Historical Review, Vol. XLV111, March 1967 Cook, Ramsay
View Record  CIR-FH-150.33-H6-1981 Canadian Jewish Archives: On the Eary Harts and their contemporaries - Part 2 Rome, David
View Record  REF-AD-100-G67-1963 Canadian Jewish Reference Book and Directory, 1963 Gottesman, Eli
View Record  CIR-PER-100.99-C3-2003 Canadian Journal of Irish Studies - Fall 2002 - Spring 2003 - Revue canadienne d'etudes irlandaises
View Record  UEL-CIR-HG-100.8-1802 Canadian Maps - Upper and Lower Canada
View Record  CIR-MH-100.2-C66-1979 Canadian Military Experience - 1867-1967: A Bibliography - Bibliographie de la vie militaire au Canada - 1867-1967 Cooke, O.A.
View Record  CIR-BG-100.4-H3-1930 Canadian Newspaper Service Reg'd: Reference Book 1929-1930 Harrison, H.
View Record  CIR-AD-100.4-G5-2001 Canadian Parliamentary Divorces Index - 1867-1930 Gilchrist, J.B., and N.J. Duffy
View Record  CIR-AD-100.33-N6-1941 Canadian Parliamentary Guide - 1941 Normandin, A.L. (Major)
View Record  CIR-BG-100.1-B4-1982 Canadian Parliamentary Handbook Bejermi, John
View Record  UEL-CIR-HG-100.9-D4 Canadian Participants in the American Revolution - 1774-1783: An Index DeMarce, Virginia Easley
View Record  CIR-GS-100.9-D6-2004 Canadian Railway Records: A Guide for Genealogists Douglas, Althea, and J. Creighton Douglas
View Record  CIR-HG-151.99-I43-1918 Canadian Stories Lees, George
View Record  CIR-HG-150.99-C6-1908 Canadian Types of the Old Regime, 1608-1698 Colby, Charles W.
View Record  CIR-MH-100.1-C36-1981 Canadian Veterans of the War of 1812 Jonasson, Eric
View Record  CIR-MH-100.01-M32-1983 Canadian Voyageurs on the Nile, 1884-1885 MacLachlan, Angus C.
View Record  CIR-AD-100.4-S5-1989 Canadian Who's Who Volume XXIV 1989 Simpson, Kieran
View Record  CIR-AD-100.4-S5-1993 Canadian Who's Who Volume XXVIII Simpson, Kieran
View Record  CIR-AD-100.4-S5-1995 Canadian Who's Who 1995 Simpson, Kieran
View Record  CIR-AD-100.4-L8-2001 Canadian Who's Who 2001 Lumley, Elizabeth - editor
View Record  REF- AD-100.4-C3-2013 Canadian who's who: 2012-2013 Charters, Susan
View Record  CIR-HG-100.99-C6-1955 Canadian Yesterdays Collard, Edgar Andrew
View Record  CIR-FH-0.33-V3-1998 Canadian, Australian and American Descendants of Nathan Coupland Van Royen, Ann, and Pete Van Royen
View Record  CIR-MH-100.1-W5-2010 Canadians at War 1914-1919: A Research Guide to World War One Service Records Wright, Glenn T.
View Record  CIR-MH-100.01-C3-1945 Canadians in Britain 1939-1944
View Record  CIR-MH-0.99-1946 Canadians in Britain, 1939-1944: The Canadian Army at War Canada: Department of National Defense
View Record  CIR-MH-100.4-A54-1978 Canadians in the Royal Air Force Allison, Les
View Record  CIR-MH-100.9-G7-2000 Canadians on Radar: Royal Canadian Air Force 1940-1945 Grande, George Kinnear & Linden, Sheila
View Record  CIR-MH-700.99-M3-1978 Canadians on the Nile 1882-1898 MacLaren, Roy
View Record  CIR-HG-150.99-B6-1933 Canadien: A Study of the French Canadians Bovey, Wilfred
View Record  CIR-FH-170.01-C36-198- Caners Family Album Hnybida, Angie
View Record  REF-PER-156.88-C3-1987 Cap-aux Diamants : Quebec Fleuron du patrimoine mondial
View Record  REF-PER-156.88-C36-1987 Cap-aux-Diamants - Saint-Jean-Baptiste
View Record  CIR-HG-123.9-D6-1985 Cape Breton at 200: historical essays of the island's bicentennial 1785 - 1985 Yorke McCready, Harriet
View Record  CIR-HG-123.01-P37-1967 Cape Breton Ships and Men Parker, John P.
View Record  CIR-FH-130.9-E6-2008 Captain James Eccles, Family History Carter, J.P.
View Record  CIR-HG-167.99-W24-1968 Carleton Saga Walker, Harry and Olive
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Records: 701 to 750 of 6477