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Records: 701 to 750 of 1894
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Actions Call Number   Title Author
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-B3-1991 Sainte-Martine in Images Bergevin, Rene
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-C3-1982 Coteau du Lac - Sur les traces de son passe Cadieux, Michel
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-C5-1982 Les cahiers de la seigneurie de Chambly Chambly Historical Society
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-H5-1998 Voice of the Vanishing Minority: Robert Sellar and the Huntingdon Gleaner 1863-1919 Hill, Robert
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-H54-1975 Pioneer Journalism in the Chateauguay Valley Hill, Robert
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-H6-1997 T.B. Macaulay and Mount Victoria Farm Hodgson, Roderick L.
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-I6-1968 A History of Coteau-du-Lac Ingras, George
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-P7-1995 Singer (Histoire industrielle) Prud'homme, Guy
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-S4-1999 A History of Vanier College, 1970-1991 Scarpaleggia, Maurice A.
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-S5-1925 Sherrington, Quebec
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-T5-2004 Hudson: The Early Years, Up to 1867 Thompson, John
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-W5-1923 100th Anniversary of Georgetown Presbyterian Church, Quebec Whillans, G. (Rev.)
View Record  CIR-HG-153-C4-1973 Centenaire de Beebe, Quebec, Centennial, 1873-1973
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-&-1993 La Societe d'histoire de la Vallee du Richelieu LeBlanc, Diane
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-1992 Story of Brome County: Brief History of Brome County, Quebec Brome County Historical Society
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-B7-1987 Brome-Missisquoi (Quebec)
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-D39-1869 History of the Eastern Townships: Civil and Descriptive
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-D6-1980 Cultural Retention and Demographic Change: Studies of the Hebridean Scots in Eastern Townships, Quebec Doucette, L.
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-F68-1978-& Lieux et monuments historiques des Cantons de l'est et des Bois-Francs Fournier, Rodolphe
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-H8-1874 Forests and Clearings: The History of Stanstead County, Province of Quebec Hubbard, B.F.
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-L32-1993 La Societe d'histoire de la Vallee du Richelieu - 1952-1992 LeBlanc, Diane
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-L42-1894 The History of Eaton Lebourveau, C.S.
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-M3-1990 The Story of West Shefford (Bromont), Quebec - 1792-1966 Matthews, Winona Lawrence
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-M32-1977 The Stanstead College Story MacDonald, Joan
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-R52-1966 The Tread of the Pioneers: Annals of Richmond County and Vicinity Richmond County Historical Society, compilers
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-R52-1966-Vol 2 The Tread of the Pioneers: Annals of Richmond County and Vicinity Richmond County Historical Society, compilers
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-S4-1999 The Village of Hatley 1845-1900: A Chronology of Daily Life in early Hatley Skeats, Phyllis Emery - compiler
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-T3-1908-Vol 2 History of Brome County Quebec Taylor, Ernest M. (Rev, M.A.)
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-Th65-1866-C2 Contributions to the History of the Eastern Townships: A work containing an account of the early settlements of St. Armand, Dunham, Sutton, Brome, Patton, and Bolton; with a history of the principal events that have transpired in each of these townships up to the present time Thomas, Cyrus
View Record  CIR-HG-153.1-B7-2001 Schooling in the Clearings, Stanstead, 1800-1850 Brown, Kathleen H.
View Record  CIR-HG-153.1-R4-1986 Bury - 1836-1986 Rowell, N., and M. Lapointe
View Record  CIR-HG-153.2-K5-1992 Saint-Felix-de-Kingsey, 1842-1992
View Record  CIR-HG-153.2-R6-1986 Roxton Pond, 1886-1986 Municipality of Roxton Pond, compiler
View Record  CIR-HG-153.33-B8-1926 Beautiful Waters: Devoted to the Memphremagog Region in History, Legend, Anecdote, Floklore, etc. Bullock, William Bryant
View Record  CIR-HG-153.33-N55-1975 Historic Hudson - Old Cavagnal Nelson, Celia
View Record  CIR-HG-153.33-T5-1877 The History of Shefford Thomas, Cyrus
View Record  CIR-HG-153.33-Z9-1961 The Story of the Farnham Meetings: A Quaker Meeting at Allen's Corner Zielinski, S.A.
View Record  CIR-HG-153.44-M3-1989 One Hundred and Sixty-Eight Years in the Townships: The Story of St. John's Anglican Church, West Shefford, Bromont, Quebec Matthews, Winona Lawrence
View Record  CIR-HG-153.44-N63-1988 Competing for Souls: Missionary Activity and Settlement in the Eastern Townships, 1784-1851 Noel, Francoise
View Record  CIR-HG-153.44-W54-1984-C2 Parish Church of Christ Church, Sorel, Quebec - Celebrates 200 years of history - 1784-1984 White, Walter S.
View Record  CIR-HG-153.7-D2-2010 Danville, Quebec 1860-2010 Town of Danville
View Record  CIR-HG-153.8-R6-1990 Photo Album: Brome Fair, Bishop's College Rogers, Gerry A.
View Record  CIR-HG-153.88-B44-1981 Compton in Retrospect - 1800-1950 Bellavance, Marcel, and Nicole Clement
View Record  CIR-HG-153.88-B6-1984 Les Cantons de la Saint-Francois - Townships of the St. Francis Booth, J. Derek
View Record  CIR-HG-153.88-F37-2008 Les Cantons-de-l'Est, The Eastern Townships, Lac et rivieres; On Lake and River Farfan, Matthew
View Record  CIR-HG-153.88-J6 Images of the Past - Images du passe: Sherbrooke Jones, Cuthbert
View Record  CIR-HG-153.88-L42-2005 L'Histoire de mon village Leclair, Georgette
View Record  CIR-HG-153.88-V3-1988 Reminiscences des Cantons de l'Est : Photographies d'hommes et de lieux Vachon, Christian
View Record  CIR-HG-153.9--P8-1981 Lennoxville: Volume 2 Patriquin, Graham and Committe - compilers
View Record  CIR-HG-153.9-A87-1975-Vol 1 Lennoxville, Volume 1 Atto, Kathleen, and Committee
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Records: 701 to 750 of 1894