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Records: 701 to 750 of 1933
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Actions Call Number   Title Author
View Record  CIR-HG-152.44-C5-1815 Clarenceville and Noyan Anglican Church History, 1815-1915
View Record  CIR-HG-152.44-H4-1972 St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Hemmingford, Quebec
View Record  CIR-HG-152.44-M6-1962-Copy 2 Historical Sketches of the Churches in Cowansville-Dunham Pastoral Charge 1962 Moore, Ruby G.
View Record  CIR-HG-152.44-R65-1973 Odelltown - 1823-1973 Romme, Jules
View Record  CIR-HG-152.44-S6-1991 Short History of St John's United Church, St Jean-sur-Richelieu, 1841-1991 Smith, C.A
View Record  CIR-HG-152.44-S6-1991 Short History of St John's United Church, St Jean-sur-Richelieu, 1841-1991 Smith, C.A.
View Record  CIR-HG-152.44-S7-1970 History of St Stephen's Anglican Church, Chambly, Quebec, 1820-1970 Downman, C.P.C.
View Record  CIR-HG-152.6-M5-1967 Here and There in Missisquoi - Volume 9
View Record  CIR-HG-152.6-M6-1967 Then and Now in Missisquoi, Volume 10
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-A9-1927 Histoire de la paroisse de Saint Joseph-de-Soulanges ou Les Cedres - 1702-1927 Auclair, Elie J. (L'Abee)
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-B4-1996-Vol 1 Histoire de Coteau-du-Lac, Tome 1: Les Origines Besner, Hector
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-C4-1985 Sainte-Edwidge-de-Clifton, 1885-1985
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-C5-1985 Paroisse Saint-Joachim de Chateauguay, Quebec - 1735-1985
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-D5-1973 History of Barrie Memorial Hospital 1939-1973, Ormstown, Quebec Dickson, John K.
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-F5-1916 Abbotsford, Quebec, Canada Fisk, J.M.
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-F7-1983 Napierville - Au fils des ans 1823-1983 : Repertoire des baptemes, mariages et supltures - 1823-1983 Fortin, Lucienne, and Jean-Laurent Foucault
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-G4-Vol 2 Georgetown Presbyterian Church, Howick, Quebec - 150th Anniversary
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-G5-2006 William Rose and George Blaik: Old Country Settlers of Athelstan, 1792-1907 Gibbs, K. Elizabeth, and Mairi Tees
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-H4-1999 Hemmingford: 200 Years of Hope and Challenge - 1799-1999 MacKenzie, Betty McKay
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-H6-2004 Defenders of the Flag: A Tribute to the Military Veterans of Hudson, Quebec, Canada through Four Centuries of Warfare Hodgson, Roderick L.
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-H8-1981 Hudson: Protection of its Architectural Heritage (and) A Goodly Heritage Hudson Historical Society
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-K6-1984-Vol 18 Rovers, Rebels and Royalists: Missisquoi Historical Society Reports, Volume 18 Knight, Paige H.
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-L6-1984-& The Loyalists of the Eastern Townships of Quebec
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-M5 The Seigneuries of Missisquoi: Missisquoi Historical Notes
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-M5-1965 Eighth Historical Report Missisquoi Historical Report
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-M5-1980 Voice of Pike River and Missisquoi Historical Society Reports 1979-80 Missisquoi Historical Society
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-M6-1961 Missisquoi County Historical Society - 7th Annual Report Illustrated - 1961 Missisquoi County Historical Society
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-M6-1984 St Lambert, Quebec History Mouillepied Historical Society
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-P5-2007 The Walbridge Estate in Mystic Pigeon, Danielle
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-R4-2000 The Diary of a Country Clergyman, 1848-1851 Reid, James
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-S4-1915 Narrative of Gordon Sellar Who Emigrated to Canada in 1825 Sellar, Gordon
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-S6-1985 Hemmingford Then and Now Somerville, Alister
View Record  CIR-HG-152.9-S8-1988 Communaute de Saint-Jean-Chrysostome 150e anniversaire -1838-1988
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-B3-1991 Sainte-Martine in Images Bergevin, Rene
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-C3-1982 Coteau du Lac - Sur les traces de son passe Cadieux, Michel
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-C5-1982 Les cahiers de la seigneurie de Chambly Chambly Historical Society
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-H5-1998 Voice of the Vanishing Minority: Robert Sellar and the Huntingdon Gleaner 1863-1919 Hill, Robert
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-H54-1975 Pioneer Journalism in the Chateauguay Valley Hill, Robert
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-H6-1997 T.B. Macaulay and Mount Victoria Farm Hodgson, Roderick L.
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-I6-1968 A History of Coteau-du-Lac Ingras, George
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-P7-1995 Singer (Histoire industrielle) Prud'homme, Guy
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-S4-1999 A History of Vanier College, 1970-1991 Scarpaleggia, Maurice A.
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-S5-1925 Sherrington, Quebec
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-T5-2004 Hudson: The Early Years, Up to 1867 Thompson, John
View Record  CIR-HG-152.99-W5-1923 100th Anniversary of Georgetown Presbyterian Church, Quebec Whillans, G. (Rev.)
View Record  CIR-HG-153-C4-1973 Centenaire de Beebe, Quebec, Centennial, 1873-1973
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-&-1993 La Societe d'histoire de la Vallee du Richelieu LeBlanc, Diane
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-1992 Story of Brome County: Brief History of Brome County, Quebec Brome County Historical Society
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-B7-1987 Brome-Missisquoi (Quebec)
View Record  CIR-HG-153.01-D39-1869 History of the Eastern Townships: Civil and Descriptive
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Records: 701 to 750 of 1933